Zorra County K-9 Motivational Dog Training
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General Information
This information applies to all our courses.
Agility is Fun for Both You and Your Dog

Our basic Agility Courses are integrated with the Beginner Obedience Classes.
Basic Dos and Don'ts

There are some basic rules of agility training that will go a long way to starting off on the right paw. The first one is to have fun! If it's not fun for both of you, then something is wrong. Here are some basic rules:

    be positive. Make your training sessions shorter if your dog gets tired or disinterested too quickly, and end on a positive note. If your dog consistently remembers agility training as the best time of his life, he'll want to train longer and please you more.
    say "No". Or we should say rarely. If your dog doesn't do an obstacle correctly, say in a positive voice, "Oops, let's try this again", and go back to the beginning. If your dog still doesn't do it right, don't scowl or act all disappointed. Your dog will pick up on your mood and either "freeze", or keep making the same mistake.
    be clearly expressive. Body language is very important to your dog, who is picking up on everything.
    give praise for a job well done. The key is to keep your dog interested so he will run even faster!
Resting After Agility

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