"I have been involved in the dog obedience sport for 30 years. My husband is retired AKC/CKC Dog Obedience Judge, LaVern Jackson. Our breed of dog is the Belgian Sheepdog. It’s very important to find the right dog trainer. Dennis Etmanski earned two 200 scores with one of his dogs. This is a distinction that Dennis and LaVern share. Very few trainers achieve this perfect score, let alone accomplish it twice. Dennis also trained two of his students and their dogs to the prestigious award of Top Obedience Dog in Canada. These “stats” drew me to Dennis Etmanski.

Rowdy and I have trained privately with Dennis for 3 years. It's a four hour round trip that LaVern, I and Rowdy enjoy weekly. Dennis has taken over LaVern’s former role as my dog training partner, coach and advisor. Last year under Dennis’ direction, Rowdy and I earned three High in Trials in Novice B and we tied for High in Trial in Open B.Elda and Rowdy - High in Trial (It's notable here that I’ve never before won a High in Trial). We completed our CD and CDX titles within several months. We are currently training with Dennis for our UD (Utility Dog) title. We’ll return to the obedience ring when he states that we’re ready.

LaVern has been in the company of the magnificent Belgian Sheepdog, (all-black Groenendaal) for over 45 years. He’s well accustomed to high performance in the dog obedience sport. Working a dog to the level of peak performance is highly stimulating and a lifetime pleasure not to be forgotten. Dogs have tremendous therapeutic value. LaVern suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. The one thing that has allowed me to retain LaVern’s attention and indeed, keep our family together, is the dog obedience sport and very specifically our two Belgian Sheepdogs, Belle and Rowdy. Two greater caregivers could never be found. They keep him stimulated and busy during the times LaVern is on his own at home. If LaVern and I ever raise our voices to each other, LaVern and RowdyRowdy races in between us and barks so furiously that the matter at hand becomes getting this dog calmed down. All else is forgotten. LaVern is highly motivated by our dog training activities. He’s forgotten many particulars of the sport but he still appreciates a good performance!! With Dennis, Rowdy and I are able to deliver that performance. There’s as much thrill in our weekly training sessions at Zorra County K9, as there is in actual ring achievement.  Dennis and Chris have kindly featured two photos of Rowdy. I especially like the photo of LaVern and Rowdy. It was taken this summer in one of our daily practice sessions. We always set up a formal obedience ring. LaVern is still able to assist by placing Rowdy’s articles, going over him on the Stand in Motion and assisting in the Signal Exercise. Dog training in its finest form is an art. LaVern taught me this many years ago. Dennis Etmanski has reaffirmed this.

I highly recommend Dennis, Chris and Zorra County K9 Training … wonderful people and a great place to train."

Elda & LaVern Jackson