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Health Guarantee

We are proudly one of the few raw fed wolf prey diet and naturally reared German Shepherd breeders in Canada. It is a joy researching the German Shepherd breed and bloodlines for our breeding program or studying tons of material on nutrition.

We breed the best quality German Shepherd dogs from the best German and Czech working lines. We actively work our dogs and want to produce that special companion or K9 partner that you can enjoy for years to come.

All of our dogs have certified hips and elbows. We believe in breeding dogs with strong immune systems and work hard at giving our dogs the best immune systems possible. This consists of a raw natural diet, radical approach to vaccines with a holistic approach to health.

Our dogs are the old bloodline German Shepherds of German working lines, DDR (East German) and Czech lines, these dogs were bred for WORK and companionship.

Our puppies are born and raised in our home with continuous human bonding and socializing. We are there with the puppies when they take their first breath, when they open their eyes, when they begin to walk, and when they eat their first "raw meals".

By raising puppies this way we get to know each puppy's temperament and disposition and know how each of them will react in different situations because we have been with them from the day they were born. All puppies are individually monitored within the litter as well as individual testing to properly place them in appropriate homes. Each puppy will have Early Neurological Stimulation.

We pride ourselves with helping you find that perfect addition to your family. If you are interested in one of our puppies, we will work with you to perfectly match him or her with you. We are committed to our animals for their entire life. We love to talk German Shepherds so feel free to contact us!

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